This Dessert Is Way Healthier Than It Looks

Stop everything you're doing right now and go buy yourself some avocados, bananas, peanut butter and cocoa powder. Then, go straight home to make...

Cookie-Shaped Churros Are Easy To Make (& Easier To Eat)

For those nights when you get home hungry, stressed, and impatient, Hangry is here to help. Each Monday, Kendra Vaculin will share quick, exciting meals to rescue anyone...

3-Ingredient Chocolate Desserts For Emergencies

When a chocolate emergency strikes, sometimes a simple candy bar just won't do. Sometimes you need a fudgy brownie, a moist piece of cake...

The 75 All-Time Best Chocolate Recipes

1 Double Chocolate Hawaiian Tiramisu Half Baked Harvest Get the Double Chocolate Hawaiian Tiramisu recipe from Half Baked Harvest 2 Chocolate And Banana Tart Give...

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Everything You Need To Know About Going On A Plant-Based Diet

On the surface, a plant-based diet sounds simple. And although it’s been trending lately, the idea of eating “mostly plants” has been in the zeitgeist since Michael Pollan spelled it out in “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” in 2006.That said, anyone who has been given a...

6 Ways To Survive A Keto Summer

If you haven’t heard about keto, you may be living under a rock. Perhaps you’ve heard about the ketogenic diet from the newest cookbook table at your local bookstore, or maybe you saw the recently released Netflix documentary “The Magic Pill” profiling the diet. It’s also possible...

Nutritionists Rank America’s Most Popular Breakfast Cereals

Although debate continues on whether breakfast is the most important meal of the day, breakfast cereal sales keep growing year after year, with $15 billion in revenue expected in 2018. Though cereal is certainly appealing for its quick and easy preparation, sorting through the multitudes of...

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