18 Everyday Struggles Only A Chocoholic Would Understand

If chocolate is always your dessert of choice, if you’ve mastered the art of sneaking this sweet confection into every single meal, if you laugh when presented with the choice “chocolate or vanilla” because it feels so obvious — we’re here to tell you that you are a certified chocoholic. And we feel your pain.

We here at The Huffington Post understand that it’s not a celebration unless chocolate is involved. We know the only fondue that matters is chocolate, and that choosing between chocolate and a family member requires some serious thought. It’s a struggle living life when you feel these feelings, but it is a delicious struggle.

Here are 18 everyday struggles of being a chocoholic. How many of them sound like you?

  • 1
    The first thought that passes through your head in the morning is chocolate.

    At what hour is it socially acceptable to eat a piece?
  • 2
    Chocolate has a life span of .25 seconds in your pantry.

    If even.
  • 3
    Triple chocolate chip cookies are your kryptonite.

    Better yet, <a href="http://www.averiecooks.com/2014/02/quadruple-chocolate-soft-fudgy-pudding-cookies.html" target="_blank">
  • 4
    You just can’t trust people who don’t like chocolate.

    Who ARE you?
  • 5
    Chocolate ice cream is never chocolate-y enough.

    More, more, more.
  • 6
    Sharing and chocolate are two words that don’t belong together.

    Back away from the chocolate before anyone gets hurt.
  • 7
    You dream in chocolate — and it makes it really hard to get up in the morning.

    But it's also kind of amazing.
  • 8
    Thanksgiving is a let down unless someone baked chocolate chips into the pecan pie.

    Please, please, please. (It's <a href="http://www.handletheheat.com/chocolate-pecan-pie/" target="_blank">this recipe right h
  • 9
    In the morning, it takes an inexorable amount of will power to order a coffee.

    All you really want is a mocha, with an extra squirt of chocolate preferably.
  • 10
    Someone’s talking to you, but all you hear is CHOCOLATE.

    Sorry, what?
  • 11
    People can’t leave you alone with their chocolate.

  • 12
    You don’t understand cake that isn’t chocolate.

    All other flavors can go home.
  • 13
    Halloween is the only holiday that matters.

    The day after Halloween is your Black Friday because all the chocolate Halloween candy is half off.
  • 14
    As a kid, you wished it was you who nearly drowned in Willy Wonka’s chocolate river.

    Why should Augustus Gloop be the lucky one? No fair.
  • 15
    When life gets stressful, you’re like…

    Ain't no shame in that game.
  • 16
    Spotting desserts that aren’t chocolate on a menu is just confusing.

    What? Why?!
  • 17
    Chocolate croissants make you wish you were French.

    Also, regular croissants are just cruel reminders of chocolate ones.
  • 18
    This is your life motto.

    Nothing else matters.