2 for 1 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Dinner Recipe


Chances are, that if you haven’t yet planned Valentine’s Day dinner for your special lady or man, that you either don’t have the time, or are really hoping for what happens after the meal with very little effort. I have great news! This dish is quick, cheap, easy and tasty – which are all the things you’re looking for in the meal and the after party!

Spaghetti alla Puttanesca translates literally to “the prostitute’s pasta”, and no you don’t have to be a dirty minded creep-i-ola to enjoy it or make it. Here’s the skinny, you can whip this up at last minute (aka now) with easy to find ingredients (even the local bodega will have them) a nice bootle of red and voila, you look like a hero tonight! Oh don’t forget the folklore associated with the dish! It makes for a good dinner conversation starter, potentially leading you towards “the after party”.

enjoy, and happy V-Day

Frankie Celenza