Jun 26, Stuffies – Will this substitution work?

(An inspired cook)

When you’re making stuffies from the stuffed clam recipe, can you use Manhattan clam chowder broth to flavor them? Thanks for your thoughts! ~Jeanne

Susan’s reply: That’s a really interesting idea. At first, I had a hard time imagining how it would affect the flavor but the more I think about it, the better it sounds!

The key to success will be to keep the amount of liquids the same so that you don’t make the mixture too soggy. For example, you could use 1 tablespoon of the clam chowder broth to substitute for the lemon juice, or 1/4 cup of the the broth to substitute for the clam liquor (the liquid that you get from steaming the clams).

Because the broth will be salty, you should cut way back on any extra salt that you add. For example, instead of the half teaspoon of salt called for in the stuffed clam recipe, you could use just a pinch.

Also, because the chowder broth will be tasty, you may want to omit the thyme. Personally, I’d still add the hot sauce or tabasco – but that’s because I like the extra punch of a little cayenne.

It’s always good to experiment, and your idea sounds really promising. If you try this approach, please write back and let us know how it turns out!

Happy cooking!