Never Deal With A Red Wine Stain Again With These Unspillable Glasses

There’s nothing better than unwinding with a glass of your favorite wine after a long day to help you relax and reset your nerves. However, a spilled glass of your favorite red can turn your evening treat into a stressful carpet-scrubbing session.

These unique glasses sit atop a stainless steel ball that allows the glass to pivot and turn whenever you touch it or tip it, preventing spills. That’s valuable protection you need from yourself and others who might talk with their hands or are prone to clumsiness.

Wine lovers will enjoy that the spinning motion aerates the wine, bringing out every note for a full-bodied sip. (Since you definitely know what that means.) Each glass holds a full cup of wine, so you can still enjoy an entire serving without worrying about your cup runneth-ing over onto your furniture or tablecloth. Plus, the glasses make great conversation starters at parties, where you can explain how you solved your chronic clumsiness by just getting new wine glasses.

Because you shouldn’t have to spend your wine budget on great glassware, these Aura Non-Spill Drinking Glasses are available for a limited time for only $34.99, 63% off their $96.80 retail price. Kiss spills goodbye!

This article was written by Abby Stassen on behalf of HuffPost Finds.