Rhubarb Is Here To Make Your Springtime Dreams Come True

Rhubarb is a star in springtime desserts, but you wouldn’t guess it from this spring vegetable’s natural flavor. That’s right, it’s technically a veggie. Rhubarb stalks, which are the part we eat, are naturally bitter. They cook down into something we can’t wait to take a bite of when paired with a hearty amount of sweetener. That’s why most recipes for rhubarb cook it into tender surrender, simmered down into a compote or baked into a pie.

Before you embark upon your rhubarb adventure, be warned: the leaves of the plant are poisonous. This is why when you pick up rhubarb at the farmer’s market you’ll only ever get the stalks. But keep this caution in mind if you should stumble upon the plant itself ― don’t mess with the leaves.

Now, back to the good stuff. Here are the recipes you need to make all your rhubarb dreams come true: