Store: A Sustainable Alternative To Plastic Straws That’s Just As Easy To Use

Many coffee shops have started offering biodegradable straws, which is an impactful step, but they pretty much disintegrate in an iced coffee within a few moments. Many of us could choose to just go without a straw, but sometimes it’s a necessary part of the experience ― including for some people with disabilities. What’s the middle ground?

Stainless steel straws are an easy answer, and they will make you feel good about your morning iced coffee ritual. A one-time purchase of this set will get you eight straws and two cleaning brushes, so you can keep one in your car, purse, office and house — anywhere you might be struck by a cold drink craving. Plus, now this eight-pack is only $13, or 74% off full price.

It’s a sustainable solution that doesn’t break the bank, is small enough to carry with you and that you can feel good about. Get this set right now while it’s only $13.

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This article was written by Sam Negrin on behalf of HuffPost Finds.